The act of creating art has always been deeply personal for me. It is a ‘mirror’ I use to reflect and express my inner self and explore my life journey. I am interested in how the ideas, memories and objects we collect through the various stages of our lives serve as windows into who we are as individuals. Further, I am interested in showing, through my art, my conscious effort to be mindful and connected with nature. I find that, this is essential for my own interest inner peace and harmony. In my art, I aim to invoke the everyday experiences imbued in these objects and moments; in my endeavour, I feel almost like a traveller
searching for clues to the meaning of life. Whilst born in
South Korea, I have lived in many countries and cities
around the world, and I continue to have a strong sense of
wanderlust. I have come to realise that my art often mixes
elements which are identifiably Far Eastern as well as Western.
I have also realised that the multicultural ‘inner me’ has come to
shape how I see the world. I would like to hone my love for
these two ‘sides’ of me and to explore these aspects in
my work going forward.